Construction analytics and insights platform for product manufacturers

Find where and when construction projects take place. One-click wallet share and trend analyses for industry-wide verticals, such as roofing, pools, solar, ADU's, and many others. Profile the activity of contractors winning the work, and then download their contact info.


Our dashboards are carefully crafted to provide the most accurate and in-depth insights for each segment; connecting the dots for you, so you can focus on what really matters.

Trend Analysis

Nationwide, local, by job type, by materials. Track all the trends.

Wallet Share

Who is winning the most work? We break it down by project types, location, time periods and more.

Contractor Profiling

Discover contractors by number of jobs won, materials mentioned, types of projects and more.

Location Accuracy

All of our projects have precise geolocations so you never have to guess the accuracy of trends when viewing by zip code, county, CBSA, or state.

Heat Maps

Quickly visualize locations of relevant activity so you know where to deploy sales and marketing assets or your next franchise location.

Insights Summary

We have pre-configured the charts and graphs so all you have to do is explore the filters to go from trends to GTM tactics.


Discover how our products can provide you with competitive comparisons, builder profiles, and timely construction data.

Insights Dashboard

Gain actionable insights on residential construction activity with our comprehensive dashboards. Explore macro trends, contractor profiles, wallet share, and more.

Contractor Profiling & Search

Find and segment contractors with our advanced search tool featuring open text search, location heat maps, job frequency, and other metrics to help pinpoint sales and marketing efforts.

Contact Data

Filter, list, and download contact data that really matters to GTM and prospecting strategies.